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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 11:55

Invitation to the conference "Cities of the Future" held in Vilnius, Lithuania on October 14 2011

I would gladly like to invite you to participate in the conference “Cities of the Future”  held in Vilnius, Lithuania on October 14 2011.

Please see attached draft agenda, conference description and the registration form.

The conference is free of charge, but travel and accommodation costs are up to the participants. Places are limited. The registration is until 23 September 2011.


This conference is organized by the Municipality of Vilnius and  I am honored I was able to help them a little bit in preparation of the agenda and the questionnaire to the union members.


If the theme is of your interest, I would be happy to see you in Vilnius. If you have come across interesting initiatives relevant to this conference, please let me know – we will see if we could somehow cover them during the conference.


May I ask you to forward this invitation to anyone who you think might be interested in attending the conference? I would be very grateful!


Best wishes,


Indre / GYVA.LT


Vilnius, Lithuania




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