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Where is the Wisdom in the Law?

Legal systems play a major role in shaping business, societies and communities.

The outcomes determine not just the present but also the future for many, both inside and outside the system. Do the current structure and guiding principles provide the latitude for practitioners to engage in new thinking and behaviours that will be needed to create the futures we are aiming to build?

How can the legal system adapt to the new awareness and consciousness that is growing in many practitioners?  How can the practitioners reconcile their own principles and beliefs with the roles they are required to adopt?

Simply put, if we continue to do the same thing we will continue to get the same results. What changes are needed to get different outcomes?

If the status quo is leading us up a dead-end, what other routes are there that will lead us to where we want to go and how do we change course?

We are creating a “safe space” for legal practitioners, past and present, to openly engage and share their concerns, ideas and aspirations.  A place where these questions can be explored, where the underlying issues can be identified and a new map can be drawn.

The event is the inspiration of Ruby Sandhu,

Sunday 9th October, Minstead Study Centre, Minstead, Hampshire (

The day will start at 10:00 and will conclude at 16:30, with lunch and refreshments provided.

The location has been carefully selected to provide the best possible environment for the dialogue. Minstead Study Centre in the New Forest is an inspiring location with a variety of facilities both indoors and outside that offer many opportunities.

The number of place is limited to maximise the opportunity for each person to contribute. If one of these places is your please reserve it by registering here.

We are offering places at £125, with a concession rate of £75. Please select the appropriate fee from the pull-down menu.

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