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A better world is possible


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

A Better World is Possible

Some of you will have seen my e-mail “At Last my new book is out”. Alas, this was premature. To cut a long story short, the book had to be re-edited. Now it’s back as paperback and E-Book form available from Amazon via or

There’s a recent review in the Ecologist:

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As a friend says:

"It's a strange kind of economic system that over consumes natural resources, and yet leaves millions without jobs. A Green New Deal could address both points by putting people back to work fixing the appalling energy and resource inefficiency of our infrastructure. If the financial system deems this impossible, then there is something wrong with the financial system." Tony Greenham nef

Ross Jackson, the Canadian author and activist who now lives in Denmark has just published "Occupy World Street" . His book moves us on from Tim Jackson’s Prosperity without Growth about what a sustainable, steady state economy might look like to how it might actually be brought about internationally. It offers a well thought out strategy, given the entrenched addiction of the largest nations to the growth economy. It would start with a league of nations, already on the way like Denmark, Iceland and some Latin American countries.

It’s one of the most hopeful practical books I’ve read lately – hope is how we make big changes for the better happen!

Apologies for any cross-postings

Warm wishes,


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