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Monday, 20 September 2010 12:53

The Compelling Case For De-Carbonising Your Business - opportunities beyond compliance

We are emerging from one of the deepest recessions the UK has known in recent times and the need for improved efficiency and cost reduction have never been more acute. Achieving this often requires investment in major infrastructure projects to achieve operational savings and deliver energy efficiency improvements in new buildings and existing estates.

This is occurring in a climate where increasing environmental legislation is requiring compliant actions and reporting (such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency scheme), whilst also providing incentives (such as Feed in Tariffs). Going beyond compliance often leads to “win-win” opportunities to not only reduce energy consumption and operating costs, but to benefit from emission reduction and enhanced brand reputation.

Selecting those projects that can deliver real financial and environmental benefits, and attract financing when capital expenditure budgets are increasingly constrained, is a critical issue.

The Association of Sustainability Practitioners invites you to join a select group of Finance, Energy and Property Directors and Senior Managers to review new, emerging ways in which these critical projects can be selected and financed, and the systems needed to ensure the projects’ operational savings can be
effectively realised, measured and managed.

Dr Martin Blake, DBA, Head of Sustainability Royal Mail Group, will present the compelling case for de-carbonising business at net zero cost, going beyond compliance.

Professor David Strong, Chief Executive of Inbuilt and Chairman of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Implementation Advisory Group (DIAG) will address the risks on noncompliance,the threats to business of the rapidly changing regulatory framework, fiscal structure and energy costs, in relation to the built environment.

Andrew Schafer, EMEA Director of Sustainability Resource Planning at Verisae and Chartered Accountant will explore how the financial and operational benefits identified at project inception can be realised and captured throughout the whole operational life-cycle.

Together we will explore the risks, opportunities and fiduciary responsibilities that face our organisations. In groups we will review the major blocks to initiating major infrastructure projects and identify how our own organisations can take advantage of the opportunities. The afternoon will present you with an opportunity to discuss and learn with experts and leading practitioners, sharing and challenging ideas in a highly participatory process.

To reserve your place please register here:

"The Compelling Case For De-carbonising Your Business"

20th October, 13:00 – 17:30, Royal Ocean Racing Club, St James’s Place, London

To reserve your place please register on-line now…

Select the appropriate fee from the dropdown menu and click on the Register button

ASP Associates: £95
Corporates: £195

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