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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 10:54

The Rushlight Clean Technologies Show



Designed to be where clean technology solutions meet sustainability professionals of corporates, government departments and other organisations, it incorporates the Sustainability Directors Conference where delegates can learn:

  • The latest on Local Enterprise Partnerships, the Green Deal, National infrastructure Plan and the Green Investment Bank, with Mark Prisk, Secretary of State for BIS as a confirmed speaker.
  • The latest picture of the development of sustainable facilities across the UK.
  • CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme planning points.
  • Practical experiences of those adopting energy usage reduction technologies, in association with 2 Degrees Network.
  • Practical experiences of those adopting renewable energy technologies.
  • Practical experiences of those adopting organic waste solutions and waste to energy facilities, in association with Environmental Sustainability KTN.
  • How to present the best case for feed in tariff backed investments which are either on balance sheet or funded externally.
  • Practical experiences of those working with NISP to remove waste streams from the economy.

The event includes an exhibition of clean technology solutions, the Cleantech Developers Conference for organisations producing the new solutions, the Isle of Man breakfast and various workshops.  There is also the opportunity to have pre-arranged one-to-one meetings with other delegates. 

The cost for cleantech adopters is just £60 plus VAT at the early bird rate.

Further details are at or call 020 8870 9345.

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