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Natural Change for Facilitators
Knoydart, Scotland
22nd - 29th October, 2012

This is a professional development course for those interested in facilitating groups using approaches pioneered on WWF’s Natural Change Project. Natural Change is an outdoor-based experiential programme designed to engage and support leaders for sustainability.

More information and applications...

Ecopsychology Online Distance Learning
The Ecopsychology Distance Learning Programme offers a bespoke 12 week learning opportunity for those interested in exploring ecopsychology theory. It is being offered to answer the call from many people who would like to explore ecopsychology in a structured and supported way, but who don’t have the time or resources to attend a residential course or engage with longer, formal study.

A major part of the learning process will be to help you explore how you might apply ecopsychology to your own personal and professional life. The programme may also be used to compliment your ongoing research or study in other academic or professional fields.

More information and registrations...

We are planning to offer another Wild Mindfulness course in Cornwall from 17th - 22nd November, 2012. Please email us if you would like to reserve a place subject to final venue and price.

5th - 8th July 2012
Bala Brook on Dartmoor, Devon.

This is an event in the wild beauty of Dartmoor lead by Pippa Bondy of Ancient Healing Ways (www.ancienthealingways.co.uk). Pip is a wonderful guide and leader for this age-old art of Council.

Please see the attached flyer : bala brook event

As it says, through Council, we will explore our own nature, the nature of the planet and the nature of the Way of Council. 

We will ask: 

  • "How do I take care of my own healing?"
  • "How do I face the shadows in my relationships to help find understanding?"
  • "What is my part in the healing of the environment and the Earth?"
  • "What are my responsibilities in creating the world I want to live in?"

These questions will create the container of Council - a practice that encourages attentive listening and heartfelt compassionate speaking. Council is a way to wholeness and healing through bringing together the interconnectedness of all parts of our being/life, the environment, the Earth and self as one.

There are only 10 places available. The cost is £240 to include accommodation in single rooms - see www.balabrook.org.uk

To sign up please contact Pippa on 01766 780557 or email: pippa@ancienthealingways.co.uk.

The Council will run from Thursday evening through to Sunday afternoon 5th- 8th July.

For more details of the Way of Council please see…


and the Council in Nature article in the this PDF. This will take you to Pip's website where there is lots more to explore. 


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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 12:01

ASP Outside - walking and talking

On a fresh winter December day we set off to Patrick Andrew's house in the New Forest for home made soup and bread.

We had some ideas of what we wanted to discuss but no fixed agenda. We met, ate, and then headed out to the ' Forest to just talk. 

It was wet.

I guess we walked for 2-3 hours and stopped occaisionally to just be and to view the context of us, the forest and the day.

The conversations flowed through various topics that arose as we walked.  Being all self-employed, independant and in our own ways 'guides' we explored many related themes: "collaboration or complementing?", "organising without formal organisations", "creating the rewards we need", "being rather than doing", and many others.

We acknowledged the simple benefits of engaging openly and listening, exploring questions without the need to find instant answers, not to mention the physical and other rewards of a long walk in the country. A good day's work.

Refreshed and re-charged we chose to invite others to join us on these walks, possibly once every month or two. A different location and a new guide each time.

So please join us.

**** The next walk is on 24th April in the Malverns ****

Check the event calendar for the next dates and if you want to come with us or be a guide on your own patch please contact me.

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