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Since 2005 a groundbreaking sustainability leadership masters has invited early to mid career applicants to join a learning journey that is transformational, profound and provides the core knowledge and skills to strategically create a sustainable future.

As a graduate of the inspiring course MSLS program I thought this would be of interest to ASP members. Applications have just opened, the programmes are taught in English and there are no tuition fees for EU & EEA citizens.

Taught at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden, the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) and the Masters in Sustainable Product Service System Innovation (MSPI) are underpinned by the science-based Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (widely known as The Natural Step Framework) spearheaded by Karl-Henrik Robèrt, a global sustainability leader and course tutor.

BTH is located in the beautiful coastal city of Karlskrona, a UNESCO world heritage site on the southeast coast of Sweden.

MSLS explores the baseline science of systematic sustainability coupled with the skills required for organisational change. The course produces graduates who can deliver organisational leadership for strategic change towards sustainability. MSPI enables students to design and innovate for positive socio-ecological impacts of products, services, and product-service systems throughout their life cycles. This course produces graduates who can deliver outcomes that meet user needs while generating competitive advantages in the expanding sustainability-driven market.

Applications are open now and close on 15th January 2013  For more information please visit I'm happy to share my experiences via email, Skype or to meet if possible.

Simon Goldsmith, MSLS 2008.

"Humanity has grown so powerful, we are undermining the life support systems of the planet - air, water, soil, biodiversity. The challenge is to see the world through the perspective of sustainability, not constant growth and change. That is the very basis of the MSLS that provides a unique and outstanding education and training that is sending out future leaders who can help move us off our current destructive path. I have seen firsthand, through my son-in-law, the results of this world class program." David Suzuki, David Suzuki Foundation.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 08:04

PassivHaus: the new normal

PassivHaus first for Bristol and the West of England

Colin Powell, director at gcp Consulting has become the first fully certified PassivHaus designer in Bristol and the West of England region who is also qualified as an architect.

PassivHaus is a design tool developed in Germany to help building designers create extreme low energy buildings of all types, not just houses. See

Colin Powell said ‘adding PassivHaus to the suite of sustainable design services provided by gcp allows us to offer clients low energy design solutions for all building types under one roof’.See

Even existing buildings can benefit from substantially reduced energy bills. EnerPHit is the refurbishment modelling tool that has shown energy savings of between 75% and 90% can be achieved. See

If you would like to discuss PassivHaus and its potential to deliver extreme low energy buildings over a cup of coffee call Colin or his co-director Jonathan Platt on 0117 932888 or they can be contacted at gcp Consulting. 18-19 Londonderry Farm, Keynsham Road, Willsbridge, Bristol BS30 6EL. Email Web

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