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Including Amrita Bhohi, Tim Mac Macartney, Satish Kumar, Martin Shaw, Bill Plotkin Peter Senge (TBC).

This pioneering programme has main strands: new model of leadership and facilitation, designed to meet the unprecedented challenges of these volatile times;

exceptional contributors who exemplify and bring alive the new leadership skills; opportunities to practice leadership and facilitation.

For more info call Jenny 07887 636918 or click here

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 10:30

Future Ready

Have you considered how megaforces will affect your organisation?

How resilient are you to climate change, resource scarcity (energy, fuel, food, water), disease, urbanisation, ecosystem decline and population growth?

Future planning without consideration of these issues is no longer adequate.

Future Ready is a new course run in collaboration with the Schumacher Institute, the Association of Sustainability Practitioners and Action for Sustainability for business leaders to explore what’s ahead.

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13th-16th February 2014 at the Benjamin Perry Boathouse in Bristol.

It has been said that leadership is about “being yourself, more and with skill”. This innovative and "life changing" 3½ day programme develops your capacity to lead from your whole self, including your shadow side. It will bring together a variety of approaches in a coherent, interactive and challenging way, leaving you with clear commitments about the next steps on your journey towards truly effective leadership.

This event will be of value to anyone involved in working towards a better more sustainable future - whether through developing your leadership of others, or meeting the challenge of leading yourself.

Please feel free to contact Steve on 07771 908812 or email

When this programme was run for the first time last year participants (quoted with permission), said...

Two remarkable facilitators, whose complimentary skills, experience, humour and modesty created a safe and highly-supported emotional space for deep learning… Life-changing

          Steve Malone, Service Manager, Adult Community Mental Health, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

This was a fantastic opportunity to explore leadership and I would recommend to others…. Facilitators were fab and worked well together…. Inspired.

          Cindy Wilcocks. Area Manager North Devon CAMHS

Fantastic facilitators with an in depth knowledge of their material.  Safe space.  Connecting with others.  Learning about myself.  Learning about models of leadership .I benefited hugely from the course.

          Becky Lovegrove, Quality and Performance Manager, EDP Drug & Alcohol Services

Safe, open, safe, genuine, non-judgmental atmosphere created. Time out of everything to spend some time thinking about yourself and things that you want to change, things that might help you improve. Time for reflection and stimulation from others. Being moved by others willingness to expose their vulnerabilities and learning from them. The planning and thought that was so obvious throughout. I loved the shadow work – so powerful, very effective.

          Laura Gallagher. County Mental Health Development Officer/ Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (PAVO)

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Thursday, 14 November 2013 20:00

Coming full circle on CSR - Giles Breault

Below is a copy-paste of the article by Giles Breault (Chair of PLN Advisory Board) in the November/December 2013 Issue (47) of Procurement Leaders journal. He described the "back-burner" position that sustainability takes in the minds of procurement experts. This supports and explains the findings from the study on "The Importance of Sustainability in Decision Making ..." which I posted in the Food Category of this web platform, where sustainability is lower in the priorities of decision makers compared to other factors like cost, quality, reliability and service offers.

It really begs the question: Is the sustainability agenda progressing or regressing? Despite marked improvements in awareness, it appears there is still a long way to go to get the majority to act accordingly. It is even more discouraging in the light of news that Wal-Mart (one of the forerunners on sustainability in the retail industry) is being criticized for not performing against its sustainability targets amidst accusations of "green-washing". Click here for Wal-Mart performance news.

We still have a long, long way to go!

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One of the challenges of working with such a heart-felt purpose as preserving the environment for our children is that sometimes it can be even more challenging to bring in the more difficult personal aspects. Where these denied or repressed parts of us are kept in shadow they can exert more power, getting in the way of committed social action for sustainability.

Leadership is about “being yourself, more and with skill”. This innovative 3 day programme is designed and delivered by Steve Onyett and Marianne Hill, an experienced Shadow Work facilitator and coach (click here for details) will develop your capacity to lead from your whole self, including your shadow side . It will bring together a variety of approaches in a coherent, interactive and challenging way, leaving you with clear commitments about the next steps on your journey towards truly effective leadership. Please click here for more details. 

We will explore:

  • New ways of thinking about leadership within complex living systems.
  • The value of appreciative and asset based approaches and how to apply them.
  • Exploration of the human shadow, why would we want to explore it and how can we work with it effectively. Shadow Work is an invitation to discover parts of yourself that have been repressed or denied. In this way it promotes reconnection with valuable internal resources that have been locked away, and in so doing works towards increased self-knowledge and wholeness.

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Monday, 10 December 2012 13:52

Walk Your Talk

Walk Your Talk 2013

28-30 January and 8-10 March(TBC)

This year's theme is 'Prosperity - what does it mean to you (and us)'? 

Walk Your Talk is designed for those actively seeking more sustainable ways of living and working.  Whether you are an entrepreneur or an executive, an artist, activist, inventor or investor, a consultant, student or a policy maker, you'll leave feeling re-vitalised, more motivated and clear.  Without fail, at least one person has some kind of transformative experience inspired by the rest of the group, which in turn inspires us all. Here's how it works:

Walk Your Talk events are held in ‘Open Space’, a lightly facilitated process in which there are no designated experts or leaders.  You steer your own course as the day(s) unfold, and shape your own agenda to suit your purpose and need.  People learn together by walking and talking, sharing passions, curiosities, hopes, expertise and questions. 

Drawing on each other's wisdom, experience, encouragement and support, we all help each other with practical tips, connections, ideas, and advice to help overcome challenges and realise inspiring dreams.  Many people leave with personal action plans of specific changes for their life and work.

Walk Your Talk is invariably a moving, productive, inspiring and refreshing experience.  It's all these things because we decide to give ourselves (and each other) enough time to get really deeply into the things that matter to us most.  So although it seems hard to justify time ‘off work’ and away from families, it is precisely this gift that clears our heads, relaxes us, and takes us to a depth of understanding and relationship that eludes us from day to day.  Have a look at the feedback from previous events, and ask yourself why you don't deserve a fantastic working break in beautiful space, with wonderful people...

Secure your place by mailing now!

NB. Arrival is from 4.30pm on day 1, departure is from 3pm on day 3.

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Since 2005 a groundbreaking sustainability leadership masters has invited early to mid career applicants to join a learning journey that is transformational, profound and provides the core knowledge and skills to strategically create a sustainable future.

As a graduate of the inspiring course MSLS program I thought this would be of interest to ASP members. Applications have just opened, the programmes are taught in English and there are no tuition fees for EU & EEA citizens.

Taught at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden, the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) and the Masters in Sustainable Product Service System Innovation (MSPI) are underpinned by the science-based Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (widely known as The Natural Step Framework) spearheaded by Karl-Henrik Robèrt, a global sustainability leader and course tutor.

BTH is located in the beautiful coastal city of Karlskrona, a UNESCO world heritage site on the southeast coast of Sweden.

MSLS explores the baseline science of systematic sustainability coupled with the skills required for organisational change. The course produces graduates who can deliver organisational leadership for strategic change towards sustainability. MSPI enables students to design and innovate for positive socio-ecological impacts of products, services, and product-service systems throughout their life cycles. This course produces graduates who can deliver outcomes that meet user needs while generating competitive advantages in the expanding sustainability-driven market.

Applications are open now and close on 15th January 2013  For more information please visit I'm happy to share my experiences via email, Skype or to meet if possible.

Simon Goldsmith, MSLS 2008.

"Humanity has grown so powerful, we are undermining the life support systems of the planet - air, water, soil, biodiversity. The challenge is to see the world through the perspective of sustainability, not constant growth and change. That is the very basis of the MSLS that provides a unique and outstanding education and training that is sending out future leaders who can help move us off our current destructive path. I have seen firsthand, through my son-in-law, the results of this world class program." David Suzuki, David Suzuki Foundation.

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Every business wants to enhance staff effectiveness and wellbeing. Generating a collaborative workplace will help. What managers need is a sound theoretical and practical grounding in how to do this.


Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly has years of experience in this area, in business and the public sector. Her work creating enabling environments is being used for teaching around the world.


Your managers and senior staff can study with Professor Mitleton-Kelly at Schumacher College, Devon this June: Complexity and Collaboration: Applying Complexity Theory to Organisational Transformation


Participants on this course will be looking at the challenges and opportunities for collaborative working in their business. Activities within the course include:


5th - 8th July 2012
Bala Brook on Dartmoor, Devon.

This is an event in the wild beauty of Dartmoor lead by Pippa Bondy of Ancient Healing Ways ( Pip is a wonderful guide and leader for this age-old art of Council.

Please see the attached flyer : bala brook event

As it says, through Council, we will explore our own nature, the nature of the planet and the nature of the Way of Council. 

We will ask: 

  • "How do I take care of my own healing?"
  • "How do I face the shadows in my relationships to help find understanding?"
  • "What is my part in the healing of the environment and the Earth?"
  • "What are my responsibilities in creating the world I want to live in?"

These questions will create the container of Council - a practice that encourages attentive listening and heartfelt compassionate speaking. Council is a way to wholeness and healing through bringing together the interconnectedness of all parts of our being/life, the environment, the Earth and self as one.

There are only 10 places available. The cost is £240 to include accommodation in single rooms - see

To sign up please contact Pippa on 01766 780557 or email:

The Council will run from Thursday evening through to Sunday afternoon 5th- 8th July.

For more details of the Way of Council please see…

and the Council in Nature article in the this PDF. This will take you to Pip's website where there is lots more to explore.

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Hi ASP Community,

In 2007 I was accepted on a sustainability leadership Masters programme in Sweden and found it to be one of the most amazing years of my life. Applications for the 2012 intake open today. I have included details below if you are interested and I would be happy to meet up for a coffee (if you're in London) to share my experiences with  you ). Please forward it on to any friends colleagues and organisations you think would value and find fulfillment in this Masters.

Best sustainable wishes,

Simon Goldsmith (

Are you a future sustainability leader?

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden, is a top ranked sustainability research and education institution currently recruiting talented, early to mid career professionals for its cutting-edge 1 year Masters program Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability’
The course produces graduates who can deliver organizational leadership for strategic change towards sustainability and is underpinned by the science-based 'Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development' (widely known as The Natural Step Framework) spearheaded by Karl-Henrik Robert, a global sustainability leader and course tutor.

The course was established in 2005 and has taught over 350 graduates from 55 countries using innovative co-creative learning processes and engages directly with leaders in business and sustainability.
The Swedish state kindly pays for tuition fees for this programme for EU & EEA citizens and it is taught in English. BTH is located in the beautiful coastal city of Karlskrona, a UNESCO world heritage site on the southeast coast of Sweden.

Applications open 1st of December 2011 and close 16th January 2012. For more information including course brochure, testimonial video's please visit

"The question of reaching sustainability is not about if we will have enough energy, enough food, or other tangible resources - those we have. The question is: will there be enough leaders in time?" Dr. Karl-Henrik Robčrt and Dr. Göran Broman programme co-founders.

Here's what a few alumni say of the programme:

Unexpected, intense, fun, challenging and definitely life-changing! And I don't know how they make it that you will exactly learn what YOU need within that year to lead that world towards sustainability!” Isabella Wagner (Austria) 2011

MSLS prepared and motivated me to do meaningful work in the vital field of sustainability. I would take this Master's again in a heart beat. “ Erin Romanchuk (Canada) 2008

“My year in Karlskrona gave me an exceptional perspective about sustainability and what we are able to achieve together with such a diversity of people from any background or country. As Mark Twain wrote "They did not know it was impossible, so they did it." Delphine Le Page
(France 2007)

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